Increases to Waste Disposal Fees

As a result of the State Government’s decision to increase the Solid Waste Levy, the Adelaide Hills Region Waste Management Authority have adjusted their site disposal fees to accommodate this change at the Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre (owned by Adelaide Hills Council), the Brinkley Waste and Recycling Facility (owned by the Rural City of Murray Bridge) and the Brinkley Landfill. The Solid Waste Levy is a tax on all waste disposed of to landfill.

From 1 January 2020, the Solid Waste Levy for Non-Metropolitan Adelaide is $70 per tonne, an increase of 27.27% (from $55 per tonne implemented on 1 July 2019). Note: Metropolitan Adelaide is $140 per tonne as of 1 January 2020, an increase from $110 per tonne.

The purpose of the levy is to enable the new expenditure to be re-invested towards local government and industry to support waste management improvements and achieve further resource recovery.

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