Recycling at our Transfer Stations

Council Transfer Stations & Salvage & Save

Transfer Stations are located within each of our Member Council areas, where hard waste items can be disposed and materials can be recycled. 


What can be taken to the Transfer Stations for recycling? 


Metal Items

Items made of steel, aluminium, copper, etc. ie wire, fridges, ovens, steel cabinets, scrap steel, etc.

Sorted Cardboard, Paper and Plastics

Cardboard, paper and some hard plastics (such as milk containers) sorted from general waste will be accepted at the Transfer Stations at no charge.

Motor Oil

Residential quantities of motor oil, coolant, oil filters and empty oil drums are accepted at our Transfer Stations for free.

The oil needs to be clean with no outside residues or contaminants.



X-Ray film can be received of at our Transfer Stations for FREE! X-Ray films are processed in a refinery to extract the silver. They are heated using temperatures of over 1000­­­­­­ degrees celcius. The silver is extracted and converted into a more pure silver form. The silver can then be used for things such as silver solder, jewellery, the silver plating of utensils, electrical components and film manufacture.



Murray Bridge, Mount Barker and Adelaide Hills Transfer Stations are now providing all residents with a free drop off service for all electronic waste (e-waste) items. This program is provided under the National Product Stewardship Scheme.


The following items are accepted at no charge:

- Televisions

- Computer towers and monitors

- Keyboards

- Mouse

- Printers

- Scanners

- DVD players

- VCR players

- Data storage drives

- Other computer equipment (cords etc.)

- Other e-waste (any item with a cord or a battery)


Only items from households and small businesses are accepted under this program. A maximum of 15 items will be accepted.


Who is entitled to this service?

The free e-waste drop off service is available to all residents and is NOT limited to our Member Council Residents


Please note the Alexandrina Council's Transfer Stations accept E-waste, however charges may apply.  



Eligible drumMuster chemical containers are accepted at our Transfer Stations. 

drumMUSTER provides Australian agricultural and veterinary chemical users with a recycling pathway for eligible empty agvet chemical containers.

Acceptable containers are required to be triple washed and dried before being taken to the Transfer Stations.


For more information about the drumMuster program please visit the drumMuster website



ChemClear is Australia’s only Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program operating for agvet chemicals and is an initiative of the Industry Waste Reduction Scheme (IWRS).


ChemClear is funded by a 4c per lt/kg levy collected under the Industry Waste Reduction Scheme (IWRS).  The levy also supports ChemClear’s sister program drumMUSTER.


Their goal is to reduce the quantity of agvet chemicals stored on properties and in businesses across Australia, thereby reducing negative impacts on the environment, people and trade in the future.


For more information and contact details on ChemClear please visit the ChemClear website


Mobile Muster 

Residents can deliver their old mobile phones to our Member Council Transfer Stations or Local Government Centres for recycling through the Mobile Muster scheme.


MobileMuster is the Australian mobile phone industry's official product stewardship program. It's a free mobile phone recycling program that accepts all brands and types of mobile phones, plus their batteries, chargers and accessories. Basically, it's the industry's way of ensuring mobile phone products don't end up in landfill - but instead are recycled in a safe, secure and ethical way.


MobileMuster works with partners like mobile phone retailers, local councils and Australia Post to collect phones from the general public. We encourage people to return their old phones, either by dropping them off, or posting them to mobilemuster. Either way, it's free for consumers, schools, businesses, councils and government agencies.


For further information please visit the Mobile Muster website.



Car batteries are accepted free for recycling at our Transfer Stations. 

Salvaged Goods

If you have hard waste that can be reused or resold you may be able to donate it to the ReUse shops located at Councils Transfer Stations.


Donated or salvaged goods are recycled and sold back into the community, by way of a low cost retail shop located at Waste Transfer Stations. 


For further information visit the Brinkley site - Brinkley ReUse Center

For further information visit the Goolwa & Windmill Hill site - Mobogroup Website